Reasons I love Scotland

Since moving to Scotland a year ago I have formed a deep love for this country. Living here in Scotland has been such a great experience and I have truly found where I want to permanently settle. That being said here are some reasons why I love Scotland so much!

1. The people

I can honestly say that the Scottish are such amazing and friendly people, just walking down the street and hearing a hello from a stranger is such a lovely gesture and something I had never experienced before when living in England.

They make you feel at home, with their eagerness to help and genuine interest in having a conversation and getting to know you. The Scots are passionate people, whether that be about politics or Scottish history, but I admire them for it.

2. The culture

Tartan, bagpipes and haggis need I say more? No but really Scotland has such an amazing culture and so many traditions, for instance the famous Highland Games that take place across Scotland every year. Think men in kilts throwing in the caber toss (a full length log that has to be tossed into the air and land on the opposite side it was thrown). Along with the celebration of Hogmanay (New Years Eve) where celebrations and events are put on across Scotland. The traditions attached to Hogmanay include the first footing- to ensure good luck the first footer in your house after midnight should be a dark-haired male. Bringing along gifts such as coal, shortbread and of course whisky to toast to a happy new year!

3. The scenery


I have seen only a fraction of what Scotland has to offer when it comes to their beautiful country. But I have seen beautiful Lochs, mountains, hills, woodlands, rivers and beaches. Living in Scotland has reaffirmed my love for the outdoors and has given me the opportunity to spend so much time in the beautiful outdoors.

4. The history

Scotland is so rich in history, the most well known event in Scottish history is probably the Battle of Culloden in 1746, the final Jacobite rising that was then followed by the Highland clearances. Outlander, the tv series based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon has probably surged the interest in Scottish history and I thank her for it! Scotland has an abundance of Castles and historic sites and I can’t wait to explore more.

5. The opportunity for so many adventures


Ranging from walks in the vast forest, walks alongside Lochs or even bagging a munro the amount of opportunities to have your own little adventure in Scotland is endless.



Visiting Lallybroch

Since discovering Outlander over a year ago I have developed what could be called an extreme obsession with all things Scottish. I have watched the series multiple times and am currently reading The Fiery Cross, the fifth book in the series of Diana Gabaldon’s novels.

I have made it my mission to visit all of the filming locations used in the series, particularly the ones that are based in Scotland. This week we visited Midhope Castle, known as Lallybroch the home of Jamie Fraser. This location was at the top of my list to visit for so long now and we finally made it there.



On arrival we parked up and walked up the driveway covered by trees each side until we came to the opening and saw Lallybroch. I almost felt emotional seeing it for the first time, knowing that I was standing somewhere that plays such a huge part in Outlander.

We then approached the famous arch way where Claire sees Jamie through her flashback. Walking through the arch way the castle emerged and took my breath away. I felt that I was going back in time myself with the birds chirping in the background and the sun shining it was the perfect day to visit Lallybroch.


We walked around the whole of the building, trying to see as much as possible. Unfortunately you cannot go inside the castle for safety reasons, but I pressed my head against the openings to have a glimpse of what was inside.


After taking as many pictures of the building as humanly possible, we sat down on the grass and had a little picnic. Just being able to sit in the grounds of Lallybroch made me feel so privileged and it is a memory I will cherish forever. I can honestly say that visiting Lallybroch is must for all Outlander fans and would definitely recommend it, just be sure to bring your camera and picnic along!


Hannah, the girl with the tartan scarf x

A New Life in Scotland

It’s been over three months since we took the big plunge and moved to Scotland. So much has changed, we have settled in and embraced the new beginning and even welcomed a new addition to our household. When I think back to three years ago, when we wanted to stay so close to home we never imagined we would move five hours away. Now we can officially say that moving our whole life to another country was the best decision we ever made. Moving to Aberdeenshire opened our eyes, made us realise how amazing other places are and that the Lake District is not the only beautiful place we could have lived.

This blog will be a diary of our life, the important events, my ramblings and beautiful days out across Scotland. I hope you enjoy future posts to come!